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BUBUKA DESIGNS was established in July 2015 by Yara Suki.

AS A BUDDING COMPANY,  it hopes to grow with you, your ideas and your hopes.


July 30, 2015 marks the celebration of the first paid client in Bubuka Designs' history: AutoAction.


The name bubuka came from owner Yara Suki's nickname as a young girl. It is inspired by the words 'flower bud' in Greek {BOUMPOÚKI}.

YARA SUKI DEVELOPED her self-taught skills and love of graphic design at a very young age. Any chance to use her graphic design artistry drew her in immediately and she's been transforming ideas into works of art ever since.


When she could, she'd also lend a hand at community events, from dinner parties to galas and conventions.

From the Press


Jana Mullins, The Brookwood Community

"Thank you again for all you did to create such a beautiful cover for Brookwood's book... Thank you again, Yara, for your beautiful and creative work."


Randy Webb, University of Houston Sales Excellence Institute

"Thanks for all the hard work on this, you have nailed it!!!! What a great, professional, and well done presentation."


Mandy after her daughter's wedding

"Thank you so much Yara. You are an amazing lady! Words can't describe my appreciation for all that you did for us."

Bubuka Designs Podcast

Check out my podcast from the University of Houston.

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