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Their Words... Not Mine...

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Photo courtesy of George Street Photography.


Yara is everything you could ask for in a coordinator and so so much more... She has the most calm, cool, and collected personality, which is EXACTLY what you need in your coordinator to get things done and quickly in case anything could possibly arise.  In your first consultation, she lays out all of your options and all the things you can expect during your planning--and then goes the extra mile on top of that.  We asked for Yara's help with "day-of" coordinating, but she was also able to help with other things like combing through all of those wordy contracts to make sure we didn't entangle ourselves in anything shady with the vendors, and she was communicative even many months before the wedding to check in on how we were doing with planning and offered help where she could. Her input/perspective is so valuable, we even asked her to come on multiple vendor meetings with us, even though it wasn't required of her; which just goes to show her commitment to helping us! She proposed many questions with the vendors (and of us) that we didn't even think of, and really helped us with all the details we would've otherwise missed. She also has a way of getting the attention of your bridal party and having them listen. She was able to keep our bridal party focused during rehearsal to get it done, and everyone ADORED her! Many people told me that there were some details that weren't on plan (like technical difficulties, etc), but we legit had NO IDEA because Yara took care of EVERYTHING for us, and we were truly able to enjoy our big day WITHOUT ANY STRESS! Some of my bridesmaids are also getting married, and wanted to pack up Yara and take her with them to their respective cities for their weddings. We truly can't thank Yara enough...

- Angeline

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"Yara was amazing through the whole planning process. She was always available anytime I needed anything or had any questions. On our wedding day, she came prepared with an emergency box of things I never even knew we’d need, including a steamer which was a lifesaver! She was right there taking care of every single detail down to the T, and not one thing went unnoticed. All of our friends and family raved over how organized and put together everything was. I’m still getting comments about it to this day, over a month later, that it was one of the most organized events they’d ever been to. I couldn’t have done it without her by my side. She handled everything so effortlessly and flawlessly. We love her and I can’t wait for my friends and family members to get married to have her working with them! " - Rana

Photo courtesy of Minerva House.

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"Yara was fantastic. With a strong Type A personality, and as an Enneagram 1 (perfectionists, responsible, fixated on improvement), I knew it would be difficult for me to find someone I could trust to handle the most important (and expensive) day of our lives. After our first consultation with Yara, we knew she had what it took to execute our best-day-ever. Yara made us feel comfortable every step of the way. She took a detailed review of all our planning documents, asked important questions, and gave helpful suggestions so we could all put our best foot forward on the day-of. If we thought all that prep-work was reassuring, she really shined on our wedding day. She is exactly why you hire a coordinator. She thinks on her feet so you can enjoy your day without worrying about anything. We had a problem with another vendor and Yara took care of it so we didn’t have anything to stress about. In the end, we didn’t even notice anything was different from our original plans. No wedding is ever 100% perfect, but that is why you have to have a perfect Coordinator. Yara is that coordinator."

- Nicole


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“I could not imagine our wedding day without Yara. She worked on our day of timeline compiling every last detail into a list for all of our vendors to review. From the moment we stepped foot in the bridal suite at Hotel ZaZa, she was there with a box full of goodies like an emergency day of kit. One of my Bridesmaid’s needed double sided fashion tape and she got it for us. Yara and her assistant put the boutonnieres on all 13 of our groomsmen and ushers. She even helped pull off our champagne toast in the party bus with our wedding party. I always envisioned celebrating on the way from the church to the reception, but she made it happen. Yara was always there right when we needed her. To say we bonded is an understatement. She even helped me get in and out of my enormous ballgown to use the restroom numerous times! She was so thoughtful, considerate, calm, cool, and collected. Having Yara as our day of event coordinator was one of the best decisions we made while planning our wedding day.” - Jaca


Photo courtesy of Daria Ratliff Photography


"Yara was the lifesaver I didn't know I needed on my wedding day.  My mom and I like to do things on our own, so we of course approached my wedding as the ultimate mother daughter project.  We knew to really enjoy the day we needed to hire someone for the day of to take care of the details.  We talked to a few wedding planners but no one felt right.  Everyone was overpriced and did not give us any reassurance that they would take care of the things we really cared about.  When our photographer recommended Yara, my mom went to meet her not expecting much.  Yara blew her away.  My mom called me to rave about Yara and could not say enough nice things.  We instantly had the peace of mind we were looking for.  Because we pieced our wedding together ourselves, we probably asked too much of Yara. She coordinated our vendors, managed a hired help staff, and had to set out decorations based on some poor photo diagrams we provided.  She pulled it off flawlessly.  Her natural, calm demeanor is a much needed balance to a stressed mother and daughter.  Every time she approached me regarding my reception timeline, it was a comfort to see her.


My mom and I are truly grateful for Yara's continued support throughout the wedding. We had the best time rehashing the event with her the next day and getting the real details on our vendors.  Apparently we had a few hiccups that went unnoticed by my mom and me thanks to Yara's professionalism.  What I am most thankful for was that Yara's services allowed my mom to really enjoy herself.  She deserved it after putting so much work into the perfect day." - Emily

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"Yara, along with her assistant, were more than helpful when it came to our big day. We hired Yara as our day of coordinator, roughly a month from our wedding date. It was the best decision we made. Yara checked up on our progress every week or so leading up to our wedding, aiding us in finalizing all details. Due to Yara's professionalism, punctualness and effectiveness; we were able to enjoy every minute of our special day, worry free. We cannot thank her enough for putting an enormous about of care and effort into making our dream wedding come true." - Christina


Photo courtesy of Daria Ratliff Photography


"Yara was an absolute pleasure to work with. Honestly, our wedding would not have been the same without her! As we met a few times leading up to the wedding, Yara helped me plan the day-of timeline, guide me on what needed to be done/scheduled/planned next and helped me perfect the wedding day. She asked me numerous questions related to how I wanted the wedding to go and what I wanted it to look like. With that, she made my ideas and dreams come to life! On the day of the wedding, Yara was the first on at the venue and the last one to leave. She worked non-stop the entire day making sure everything was happening on time and as planned. From decorating, to executing, to even helping everyone clean up, she knew exactly where everything was, when things needed to happen and who needed to be where at what time. As the bride, I was able to sit back and enjoy my special day knowing that everything was in good hands. By the end of the night, Yara was not only the best wedding planner, she felt like family. Everyone in the wedding enjoyed spending the day with her. She is personable, calm and fun to be around. Thanks again Yara!!" - Kara



"Yara was AMAZING to work with! She is extremely detail-oriented and organized. She's easily relatable and makes you feel very comfortable and at ease from day one. The wedding day was the happiest day of my life and a big part was due to Yara being there by my side making sure everything ran smoothly.  I didn't even notice any issues that arose during the wedding until days after when Yara and I met and had a good laugh about everything. I would 100% recommend her to anyone and wish I could get married all over again just to have Yara plan it all for me." - Irene

Photo courtesy of Carlos Elizondo Photography


Photo courtesy of Mir Anwar Studios


"Before I knew how wonderful of a wedding planner Yara was, I messaged her asking for details about her own wedding. We seemingly both had similar styles and tastes and I just had to ask her who planned her wedding?! Turns out, it was her! I had searched and met with so many planners before finally meeting Yara and was overjoyed when we finally met. Not only did I already love her work, but I learned on our first meeting how organized she was – she had templates for everything, timelines, song/music suggestions – which made me feel completely at ease. From then on Yara handled everything, from getting contracts and vendor agreements, following up with vendors, dealing with the venues. She even came to florist meetings with me and was always there to listen and lend advice! I had an unexpected incident that happened just a few days before the wedding – our wedding venue was suddenly a construction zone. I was distraught but Yara contacted our florist and worked with the venue to dress up the venue to make it look less like a work zone and more like a wedding! She absolutely saved our wedding day and I couldn’t be more grateful for her. On our actual wedding day she was so poised and calm, despite all the craziness, and made sure everything went the way it was supposed to. Thank you Yara for making sure my wedding day was perfect!!!" - Macy

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